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9 months ago, Deanna Marchand
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The Region 20 Long Term Planning Committee has reopened an opportunity to share your suggestions for the name of the Region 20 High School. You can submit your ideas and a rationale here, through Monday, August 21, 2023:
10 months ago, Deanna Marchand
In June, the newly created Region 20 Education Association (R20EA) had over 100 staff members that unanimously ratified the 2024-2027 contract, followed by unanimous approval by the Board of Education.
12 months ago, Deanna Marchand
An up-close bobcat sighting in the Region 20 District this week!
about 1 year ago, Deanna Marchand
Today at 4pm, the boy's basketball teams from Litchfield High School and WAMOGO High School go head to head in the Berkshire League Tournament Final. Let's fill the gymnasium and support our students as we show everyone what the present and the future looks like. An exciting way to bring the community together as the rivalry comes to an end and we enter Region 20 together.
over 1 year ago, Deanna Marchand
Region 20 officially has a Superintendent! Chris Leone signs an employment contract at the March 2nd BOE meeting.
over 1 year ago, Deanna Marchand