Transportation Services

Our goal is to provide safe, effective, and efficient transportation to and from school for eligible students, and to provide exceptional customer service to parents and school administrators.

Craig Robillard

Craig Robillard

Business Manager

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All-Star Transportation Contact Information

All-Star Transportation is our contracted bus service provider.

Region 20

(860) 567-4237


(860) 605-9285


(860) 585-0011


(860) 283-0922


(860) 489-3444

Bus Routes

Each summer bus routes will be determined for the upcoming school year. Our schools will email guardians with their child(ren)'s bus route and estimated pick up and drop off times.

Transportation Forms

Transportation Waiver Form

If you will be providing your own transportation for your child, or your child will be driving, we kindly ask that you complete the waiver prior to the beginning of the semester. This waiver is essential in helping the district most efficiently and economically route our students.

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Please use these forms if your child requires busing from and/or to a daycare provider or other caregiver.

Bus Safety

Bus Safety Complaints

All complaints concerning school transportation safety, including but not limited to accidents at school bus stops, shall be made to Craig Robillard, Business Manager:

For complaints such as cyber or physical bullying, situations of abuse, talk of a fight, drug abuse, or anything that involves the parent, teacher, and principal relationship, please contact the building Principal, Director of Pupil Services, or Superintendent directly.

Safety Information