District Store


Region 20 will be offering online stores, available to all community members!

We will be creating stores throughout the year.  They will be open for a period of time, then closed, our bulk order will be submitted and processed, decorated with our images, then shipped directly to you (with free shipping).  In the future we will also have stores that are specific to schools, teams, activities, etc. and more stores that offer R20 District apparel and swag.

This page will have links to any stores that are currently open.

Latest stores:

The District Store is open thru Tuesday, February 20th. Your order is expected to arrive 4 weeks after the store closes. This store is an opportunity to load up on your Bobcats apparel and spectator items for yourselves and family members who join you at sporting events! Our stores in the coming months will have school specific items.

Note that items displayed may be available in different colors and with different logos. All items are custom to you and cannot be returned so please size carefully using the size guides and make sure you have selected your favorite bobcat.


Have ideas, feedback or questions?

You may send us your suggestion and feedback for future online stores here.