Board of Education Members


Emily Cole - Chair

Town of Goshen

Curriculum Committee & Negotiations Committee

Emily is a mother of 3 girls, from Goshen. She has a degree in psychology, a masters in elementary education and taught 10 years in Torrington. She has been volunteering in Litchfield county for 30 years through various organizations, mostly catering to youth or special needs. She was elected to the Region 6 Board of Education 5 years ago and serves on the Negotiations, Long Term Planning and Communications Committees as well as Vice Chair. She is the current Region 20 Board of Education Chair and serves on the Negotiations and Curriculum Committees.


John Morosani - Vice Chair

Town of Litchfield

Finance Committee & Negotiations Committee

John grew up on a farm in the Northfield section of Litchfield.  He has an AB in Economics from Middlebury College and an MBA from the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College.  He worked in investment banking and management in New York for 30 years, returning to Litchfield on the weekends.  He moved back to Litchfield full time in 2007 and raises grass fed beef on his family’s farm.  In 2017 he was elected to the Litchfield Board of Education and in 2022 to the Region 20 Board of Education.  He is also on the boards of the Oliver Wolcott Library, the White Memorial Foundation and Conservation Center and was a founder of the Town of Litchfield Broadband and Wireless Commission.


Alexandrea Papp - Secretary

Town of Warren

Curriculum Committee (Chair) & ASTE Committee

Alex has been a CT resident since early childhood. Her formal education to date culminated with a Master of Arts in Education from Sacred Heart University. She is a strong believer in the philosophy that we should all strive to find daily opportunities to learn and grow, and that we should always leave a place in better condition than we found it. She lives in Warren with her husband and three young sons. A relentless helper, Alex works for Bella Insurance Group while also serving on the Town of Warren's Board of Selectmen and overseeing the grass-roots development of the Warren Business Association. She is honored to be serving on the Region 20 Board of Education. 


Andrew Tita - Treasurer

Town of Morris

Communications Committee, Finance Committee (Chair) & Policy Committee

Andrew Tita has been a resident of the town of Morris for over a decade with his wife and three children.  Andrew is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University and worked for the State Department of Children and Families for 16 years.  Presently he works as a consultant for the State of CT in a Business Analyst/IT role.  Andrew is an active volunteer for the Town of Morris, serving as a member of the Region 6 Board of Education, the Beach and Recreation Commission and the Morris Memorial Day Parade Commission.  For the Region 20 Board of Education, he is the Chair of the Finance Committee, and a member of both the Policy and Communications committees.  He is excited to volunteer his time and assist in the creation of the new District.  It is his hope that Region 20 will become an exceptional school system that engages families and provides its children with the safe and supportive environment they need to develop and grow.   


Jannelle Carroll

Town of Goshen

ASTE Committee, Facilities Committee & Policy Committee

Jannelle Carroll is a lifelong resident of Goshen, with deep roots in the community that reach back nearly a century. She resides in Goshen with her husband Jon and daughters Jane and June. A farmer by trade, she and her husband own and operate Briar Hill Farm. In addition to time spent working on the farm, Jannelle serves as a board member of the Goshen Agricultural Council, an organization that promotes, protects and preserves agriculture. An avid outdoors person, she enjoys spending time with her family and their dogs on hikes and just enjoying the many things that nature has to teach. A passionate animal lover, it is not uncommon for her to rescue and re-home animals of all sorts. Jannelle believes that a hands-on educational approach is crucial to gaining a full educational experience. She feels that life experiences through agricultural education have the ability to touch not only the minds of students, but their hearts as well, thus leaving a lasting impression that shapes their lives forever. It is with this unique perspective that she represents the residents of Goshen. Jannelle is focused on striving to make sure that Goshen parents are heard, so that the community and the students of Goshen, Warren, Morris and Litchfield can continue to flourish.


Krista Rizzo

Town of Goshen

Communications Committee (Chair), Finance Committee & Long Term Planning Committee

"You can't save the world, but you can change it."  Whether it's in her business or through her activism, Krista is committed to making sure she positively impacts others every day. Krista started her educational volunteerism in Brooklyn, NY where she served on School Leadership Teams, Community Education Councils and PTO's helping to create policy and organize and implement large scale projects in a school district serving over twenty thousand students. She has over two decades of business experience in sales, operations and relationship management and in 2015 started her own business as a Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Krista resides in Goshen with her husband Will, their two boys, Wyatt and Elias and their pandemic puppy, Boomer. She is beyond excited for the future of Region 20 and is grateful to serve as a member of this dynamic Board of Education. 


Bill Davenport

Town of Litchfield

ASTE Committee (Chair), Curriculum Committee & Facilities Committee

Bill Davenport is a lifelong resident of a Litchfield and LHS graduate, class of 1981. Bill earned his BS degree in Animal Science in 1985 and MS in Animal Science and agriscience teacher certification in 1986 from UConn. Bill taught agriscience at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury for 33 years, and served as the Ellis Clark Regional Agriscience and Technology program director for 18 years as well until he retired in 2019 to start his second career and current job as the Litchfield County UConn 4-H Educator. Bill also served as a member on the state Board of Education for 7 years and was a member of the National FFA Board of Directors for 4 years. Bill lives with his wife Jill and daughters Megan and Allison on Chestnut Hill Road at the original family farm, Toll Gate Farm.  


Matthew Terzian

Town of Litchfield

Long Term Planning Committee (Chair), Policy Committee & Communications Committee

Matt Terzian moved to Litchfield in 2008, and has been on the Litchfield Board of Education since 2017, and Chairman since 2019. He previously served on the Litchfield Board of Finance and has been on various local non-profit boards and a youth soccer coach and martial arts instructor. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MBA from the University of Southern California. Matt has been in the investment sector for the past two plus decades. He is passionate about education and grateful to be a part of Region 20 and support the towns of Warren, Morris, Goshen, and Litchfield. He lives in Litchfield, CT with his wife, Jennifer, their three children, and their black lab, Mary.


Christine Lauretano

Town of Morris

ASTE Committee, EdAdvance Liaison & Negotiations Committee (Chair)

Christine Lauretano has been a member of the Region 6 Board of Education since 2015 and has served on the Policy, Negotiations, and Long Term Planning Committees. Her background is in education and professional development.  Christine has a BS in Elementary Education from Florida Southern College and was a substitute high school teacher, full time elementary teacher, reading coach, and professional development coordinator before moving into the field of Emergency Medical Services.  Christine currently works as a full time EMT for Litchfield and Morris, teaches EMS courses, and is a volunteer for Litchfield Ambulance Association and Morris Fire Company.  In her spare time Christine is found cheering her kids on at the soccer field, track, or stage, skiing with them on Bantam Lake or Mohawk Mountain, or horseback riding.  Christine lives in Morris with her husband, 3 kids, 3 rescued pitties/mixes, 2 horses, and whatever else finds its way to their home.  


Jennifer Munson

Town of Morris

Curriculum Committee, Facilities & Long Term Planning Committee

Jennifer moved to Morris in 2019 as a stay at home mom and quickly became involved in school and the community. She has three elementary age children and is very involved with PTO at their school. She and her husband are both involved in their community.


Robert DeLayo

Town of Warren

Facilities Committee (Chair), Finance Committee & Negotiations Committee

Robert DeLayo is a life-long resident of Warren, CT. He lives there now with his family. Mr. DeLayo runs a successful home renovation company, specializing in finish carpentry. He graduated from Wamogo Regional High School and is proud to have served on the two regionalization committees and to now serve on the newly formed Region 20 Board of Education.


Tiffany Parkhouse

Town of Warren

Communications Committee, Long Term Planning Committee & Policy Committee (Chair)

Tiffany Parkhouse has resided in Warren with her husband Scott, and her children Abby and Ryan since 2014.  Tiffany is a counselor in the criminal justice field and provides training and consulting for a variety of agencies on best practices for recidivism reduction.  Outside of work, Tiffany volunteers as the President of the Warren School PTO, serves with her church’s worship band, enjoys running in local road races, and takes many hikes with her family and their dog, Dakota.  Tiffany serves on the Region 20 Board of Education because she believes that parents should have a voice and she strives to represent the parents of Warren as best she can within the work of the board. She also believes that her kids, and all the kids of Warren, Morris, Goshen and Litchfield deserve good quality educational and extracurricular programs.