Board of Education Goals

Established by the BOE, November 9, 2023

Curriculum Committee Goal
Oversee a committee of teachers and administrators for the purpose of developing a curriculum that will provide students with a broad base of knowledge and skills. Such a curriculum will promote continuous personal growth and lifelong learning across all content areas and grade levels to be implemented in the school year beginning August 2024.

Facilities Committee Goal
Region 20 BOE empowers the facilities committee, in conjunction with the finance committee, to transform the seven buildings.  This rebranding transformation will occur prior to the opening of the 2024 school year to represent our new climate and culture while maintaining the infrastructure of all buildings to provide longevity and inspire unity among the students and communities. 

Finance Committee Goal
By June 2024, the Region 20 BOE will create an annual budget that provides the resources necessary to achieve systematic goals.

Agricultural Science & Technology Education (ASTE) Committee Goal
By July 1, 2024, the Region 20 Board of Education ASTE Committee will work with the Supporters of WAMOGO Agriscience (SWAGS), the WAMOGO Agricultural Science Technology Education Advisory Committee, and the Arethusa Farm Foundation to ensure the successful growth of the ASTE program as measured by enrollment.  

Communications Committee Goal
By June, 2024, the R20 BOE will develop a communication strategy that utilizes at least 3 avenues that reach all stakeholders in an effort to build a school community that fosters a climate of respect, trust, and engagement as evidenced by community feedback and data from various engagements. 

Policy Committee Goal
Based on stakeholder feedback, experience, and changes in legislation, the Board will work closely with administration to review and amend policy prior to the start of the school year, or legislative deadlines, to ensure that said policy best serves the mission of R20 and its students.